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Schools & Colleges - Job work or contract work. Simon and Sonia are both CRB checked and will ensure that all work is carried out discreetly and safely within the school environment. If necessary, work can be done out of school hours to ensure student safety.

Commercial Premises - Shops, pubs, restaurants etc. should all take pest control seriously. If you have any pest issues we can look after them, whilst you get on with running your business safe in the knowledge that you have one thing less to worry about.

Factories - We can look after your pest control needs whether you are a steel works or a high risk food site. Pestology already carries out work that complies with auditing bodies such as BRC, SALSA, and major supermarket auditing standards. Individual, flexible contracts can be drawn up to include frequency and number of routine service visits and biologist inspections, fly killer servicing, trend analysis, etc.

Farms - Agricultural pest control can be time consuming for the farmer and his staff. We can make regular visits and carry out safe pest control taking into account livestock, pets and the 'natural wildlife' that inevitably find their way onto farm premises.

Pest Control Companies - If you require biologists inspections, we can help you comply with your customers auditing standards. Pestology already carries out technical inspections for other pest control companies across the whole of the Midlands and elsewhere in the UK.